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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


With DataBatcher you can perform the following tasks in a batch-processed manner:

  • Copy files / folders from one location to another
  • Create new files / folders
  • Delete files / folders
  • Create shortcuts to files / folders
  • Change the attributes of files / folders
  • Touch files / folders (i.e. change their modified, created, accessed times)
  • Execute a batch file (.bat; .cmd) in the Cmd.exe command interpreter (e.g. to rename files)
  • Convert image files from one format to another
  • Run a Windows PowerShell 1.0 script that is able to interact with DataBatcher's runtime environment.


  • Set up and run (and re-run) batch-processed jobs
  • Configure each step in a job to behave exactly as you wish
  • Process sets of files on an assembly line basis
  • Full logging of all activity when a job runs
  • Pre-prepare collections of files to be processed when a job runs
  • Minimize the GUI application to the task bar or system tray when a job runs
  • Run jobs in a hands-free manner using DataBatcher's console application
  • Set up portable jobs that run correctly on different machines
  • Full undo / redo for all editable documents
  • Open, XML-based formats are used for all of DataBatcher's own files (e.g. job files), allowing them to be processed by other programs
  • An SDK (software development kit) for writing your own plugin modules is included with each installed copy of DataBatcher.

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