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Monday, August 21, 2006

Monopix-Live CD Linux distribution


Monoppix is a Live CD Linux distribution (based on Knoppix), which means you pop it in your CD drive, reboot, and you're running Linux. It works without installing a thing on your hard drive - it runs completely off the CD and RAM.

What's on the CD?

- Mono runtime environment, complier and class libraries
- Monodevelop - Mono enabled IDE
- XSP - ASP.NET web server
- GTK# - for desktop applications (sample included)
- MySQL database server
- Quickstarts and Mono walkthroughs and tutorials,

How to get started?

- Download the latest ISO.
- Burn the ISO to a bootable CD.
- Reboot your computer with the mono CD and CDRom boot enabled in your bios.

1 comment:

Brian Deacon said...

Excellent! I think VMWare is going to be my ultimate solution in creating a linux oasis in my windows desert of a work environment, but this'll be a good start in the right direction. Any experience / recommendations with how XSP stacks up against mod_mono?