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Friday, November 17, 2006

ReSharper 2.5

ReSharper 2.5 is a minor release dedicated to improving performance and stability of ReSharper 2.0. It will work for Visual Studio 2005 only. The following list of performance improvements and features will be available as part of the relase.


  1. Performance Improvements
    1.  Installation time
    2.  Typing
    3.  Code completion autopopup on typing identifier
    4. Updating completion list on typing
    5.  Typing when parameter information is shown
    6.  Showing parameter information with large number of signatures
    7.  Visual Studio startup
    8. Opening solution
    9. Opening single file in Visual Studio
    10.  Navigation inside a file which isn't currently open in Visual Studio
    11.  Live templates expansion
    12.  Typing with "Change All" or "Inline Rename" active
    13.  "Change All" quickfix
    14. Creating new files
    15.  Format code
    16.  Stepping in debugger
  2.  Features
    1.  Improved find results view (screenshot)
    2.  "Navigate From Here" – single shortcut for all navigational actions available at this point (screenshot)
    3.  Go to File Member — Control+F12 now allows navigation to symbols declared in the current file similar to Go To Type (Control+N) (screenshot)
    4.  Option page for disabling individual context actions
    5.  NullReferenceException analysis (screenshot)
    6.  More context actions and quickfixes
  3.  Experimental Read Only Visual Basic .NET support (note that this is experimental functionality and it might not be included in 2.5 release if we are not able to make it production quality by the time of release)
    1.  Navigation & search features (go to declaration, base, inheritor(s); find usages; go to type/file; etc.)
    2.  Matching brace highlighting
    3.  Extend selection (Control+W)
    4.  Quick documentation popup (Control+Q)
    5.  Parameter info (doesn't pop up automatically)
    6.  Identifier highlighting
    7.  Error highlighting

In addition this release offers better user interface design (see screenshots) and significant stability improvements.


From this page you can download the EAP builds for ReSharper 2.5.


[Via Larkware News]

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