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Monday, December 04, 2006

HnD - Customer Support Server

HnD is a Customer Support system, integrating helpdesk features and a forum system, and was built as an example of what you can do with LLBLGen Pro.


It's been released as open source software (using the GPL v2 license) and you can download and use it for free.


To successfully install HnD, you need to have the following installed / available to you on the webserver:
  • .NET 2.0
  • IIS 5 or higher with ASP.NET 2.0 installed
  • Access to an SMTP server

HnD stores its data in a database, and you can use Microsoft SqlServer 7 / 2000/ 2005 / Express or MSDE.


  • Unlimited forums can be organised into as many sections as you like.
  • Both public and private forums using role-based security
  • Queueing facility for support teams, enabling claiming questions and moving threads between queues. Threads can be auto-queued through forum settings.
  • Role-based security system for easy right management
  • Flexible attachment system for messages which is configurable per forum and user role.
  • Attachment approval system for moderators.
  • Editing all messages, editing thread properties and closing and moving threads for moderators.
  • Powerful search facility utilizing SqlServer's full-text search.
  • Native ASP.NET 2.0 code written in C#
  • Using LLBLGen Pro v2.0 for all data-access functionality.
  • Standard UBB message formatting with various font styles and sizes as well as allowing quoting, code display, attachments and automatic URL linking.
  • Email notification of replies to your topics.
  • Allows fine grained control over access to viewing, posting, replying, marking threads as 'done', thread memos and many other options.
  • Personal profile creation and management.
  • Administration centre with forum and section setup, complete group and member management, extensive ban management, support queue management, role management, mass emailing of groups and users by the administrator and many other options.
  • Complete control of fonts and colors by ASP.NET 2.0 theme support.
  • Open source, so changes and additions can be easily implemented.
  • And many more...


[Via Roy Osherove's Blog]

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