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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Building Silverlight Applications using .NET Talk (by ScottGu )

Scott used a few slides to explain each programming model concept in Silverlight, and then showed a very base sample for each concept that helped present concretely how it worked.


In the talk Scott covered fallowing Silverlight concepts:

  • XAML
  • Using Shapes and Text
  • Using Controls
  • Layout (Canvas and Layout Managers)
  • Brushes
  • Transforms
  • Handling Events and Writing Code
  • Building Custom UI Controls
  • Reaching out and Programming the HTML of a page from a Silverlight control
  • Handling HTML Events in Managed Code (e.g. html button click handled in C#/VB on the client)
  • Exposing managed APIs to HTML JavaScript in the browser
  • Using the File Open Dialog support
  • Using the HTTP Network APIs
  • Using the Web Service APIs
  • Isolated Storage for local data caching


You can download the slides + demos of this talk below:

Included in the .zip download are readme instructions on how to run all of the samples on your own machine.

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