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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Updated utilities from Mark Russinovich

Updated utilities are ZoomIt, Streams, String, PsExec, SigCheck and DiskExt.

List of changes:

  • ZoomIt - you can type text while zoomed and you can also create scratch pad by clearing screen.

  • Streams - Streams now supports printing and deleting streams on volume root directories. There is also new -accepteula switch - hope so it will be included with every single utility :(

  • String - improving performance by limiting no. of bytes that it is reading

  • PsExec - Officially this release to PsExec, a utility for running programs on remote systems, corrects a buffer overflow bug caused by long command line arguments. Unofficially as I found out - it also fixes bug with running PsExec against local computer (PsExec \\%ComputerName% cmd is giving you error regarding user name or password). Finally :) This is quite pain when you got automated processing.

  • SigCheck - new switches -a and -m (more version data and manifests)

  • DiskExt - now reports the mappings for volume that have not been mounted by a file system.


[Via MartinZugec's blog ]

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