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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Google Co-op

"Google Co-op is about sharing expertise. You can contribute your expertise and benefit when others do the same. Help other users find information more easily by creating "subscribed links" for your services and labeling webpages around the topics you know best."

Google Co-op Features:

  • Personalized search results, where you can subscribe to content providers like Digg
  • "Free AdWords" from Google for those who help refine searches
  • The "onebox" for the masses
  • Finally, cluster search results
  • A sort of semantic web, only that some of the data is stored not on your webserver, but on Google's server (an important distinction, I think - the competition can't access this meta-data, and it's a bit of a Google lock-in!)
  • Google becoming a meta search engine, an aggregator of other specialized search engines
  • Meta-keywords 2.0 - the trust is build into Google's account system to prevent spamming
  • Social bookmarking and tagging a la

[Via Philipp Lenssen]

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