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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wait control for ASP.NET

BusyBoxDotNet is a very useful ASP.NET user control for your web pages.

"BusyBoxDotNet is an ASP.NET web control library. It is built for ASP.NET 1.1 but it is fully compatible with ASP.NET 2.0 and will soon be written especially for it.
The main control is the BusyBox control, which can be used to show a customizable box inside web pages during time consuming activities, a very useful behavior especially during long processing tasks, in order to inform the user that something is actually happening. Typical time consuming tasks are file uploads, complex queries against databases, heavy load operations in application code, or heavy pages which require some time to be rendered by the browser.
Among the new features, there's the option to show it on page loads, in case the pages takes a while to load and you want to notify the user that the loading process is still going."

BusyBoxDotNet Features:

  • Ease of integration: no need to write javascript code, stylesheets or HTML, everything is embedded in a simple drag and drop control.
  • Cross browser compatibility . Tested with actual versions of Firefox/Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator.
  • Many customization options.

Get BusyBoxDotNet

Download animated images to use with BusyBoxDotNet. (1) (2)

Generate animated gifs on the fly, customizing shape, fore color and background color to use with BusyBoxDotNet. (1)

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