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Monday, May 08, 2006

Refactoring Databases Website

The newly updated Refactoring Databases Website by Scott W. Ambler and Pramodkumar J. Sadalage is a excellent resource for DB developer.The authors introduce powerful refactoring techniques specifically designed for database systems.The authors demonstrate how small changes to table structures, data, stored procedures, and triggers can significantly enhance any database design-without changing semantics. You'll learn how to evolve database schemas in step with source code-and become far more effective in projects relying on iterative, agile methodologies .

DB Refactoring techniques and strategies

Add CRUD Methods
Add Foreign Key Constraint
Add Lookup Table
Add Mirror Table
Add Read Method
Add Trigger for Calculated Column
Apply Standard Codes
Apply Standard Type
Consolidate Key Strategy
Drop Column
Drop Column Constraint
Drop Default Value
Drop Foreign Key Constraint
Drop Non Nullable
Drop Table
Drop View
Encapsulate Table With View
Introduce Calculated Column
Introduce Calculation Method
Introduce Cascading Delete
Introduce Column Constraint
Introduce Common Format
Introduce Default Value
Introduce Hard Delete
Introduce Index
Introduce Read Only Table
Introduce Soft Delete
Introduce Surrogate Key
Introduce Trigger for History
Make Column Non Nullable
Merge Columns
Merge Tables
Migrate Method From Database
Migrate Method To Database
Move Column
Move Data
Rename Column
Rename Table
Rename View
Replace LOB With Table
Replace Column
Replace Method(s) With View
Replace One-To-Many With Associative Tables
Replace Surrogate Key With Natural Key
Replace Type Code With Property Flags
Replace View With Methods(s)
Split Column
Split Table
Use Official Data Source

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